If you are new to The Sickrew Liege and dont see your name be sure to bring that to my attention as soon as possible! Have a wonderful day and ill see you in the Kingdom!

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The Sickrew

By Joining The Sickrew you will have the opportunity to WIN special prizes like T-Shirts, Games, Stickers, Sick Gear and Gift Cards. Join us and let the Fun Begin

My Bannermen

Lady of Order

She has been with us from the Beginning of Game of Thrones. Her Loyalty is unmatched. 


He is shy but the guy can give you great advice on what to do and how to grow faster. Perfect example of being a leader to others.


As quiet as he is his attacks and support is loud and clear. If you need anything this guys is perfect to count on

Evil Wolf

She is a hardcore gamer at heart and spends countless time on PC, Console and Mobile Games. 

House of Romero

This guy has heart and is willing to learn. Couldnt ask more a better person who is willing to fight the fight with The Sickrew 

Lady of Order / Bannermen

Toretto Snow

They are level 8 with lots of room to grow! They have one Bannermen and counting


They are a level 6 and still growing

Mimi Mariam

They are level 4 and still growing 


They are still learning the ropes but will be conquering soon!


Just joined The Sickrew and is excited to move on up!

Arkoudaki / bannermen


Highest Level of ARK banner man!


Killing it at level 7 and growing


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.


Just started and is already Level 4


This guy is super green to the game but is learning quickly!

Neikdoh / bannermen


Having House is a huge benefit with The Sickrew, He has plenty of skills and willing to grow the Sickrew to a whole new level! If you need help at all besure to message this guy for any help!


Super awesome to have Staff Join The Sickrew and already making moves to grow not only himself but also all of us! awesome team player and willing to help without hesitation


Fresh to the Krew but is a Level 7 and growing!

Evil Wolf / Bannermen


House is Level 10 and Growing!


NinjaSith is as loyal as they come! He is 100% amazing with having a wonderful attitude and motivating others. He has great idea to grow and concur with The Sickrew. He Loves gaming and is a huge Team player! If you need any help he is a wonder person to talk to !


Celestine is level 7 and growing! They have 5 Bannermen and Growing!

Coming Soon

Why should I join The Sickrew?

Well first great QUESTION!! The Sickrew is an Online Ministry that accepts anyone as who they are. We provide Love,Truth,Fun,Prizes and our favorite the Gospel!

The Sickrew does so much in the community of gamers and tell everyone to know that NO PERFECT PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED! We have given Thousands of dollars to the community of gamer's. Joining us would help the SICK tags be seen and you would represent not only a Krew that loves but also Christ.

What will be next after I join?

We reward Loyalty. Its plan and its very simple. Gamers who represent the Sickrew will be published on the Website as well and be given "CARE PACKAGES" depending on their activity and loyalty.

How to Get Paid

The Sickrew believes video gaming is fun and there is nothing better then playing games, or is there!? What if i told you YOU CAN GET PAID and PLAY at the same time! We can never play games all day every day. We will pay those who represent, recruit and are very active. We can only be at one place at one time. We cherish Family, Friends and reading the Word. we encourage everyone to do the same!


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